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What are the hotel furniture?


The hotel furniture belongs to the hotel engineering project. The matching design of the hotel engineering project with the indoor environment needs to directly consider the harmony between the indoor function and the environment.

In addition, according to different star level requirements, the style requirements are different.

Hotel furniture generally includes hotel room furniture, hotel living room furniture, hotel dining room furniture, public space furniture, conference furniture, etc. Hotel furniture can be divided into movable furniture and fixed furniture.

Movable furniture

It refers to movable furniture that is not fixed on the wall or ground in the hotel; That is, furniture in our traditional sense. It is generally composed of the following furniture: hotel bed, dressing table, bedside table, luggage cabinet, TV cabinet, wardrobe, leisure chair, tea table, etc. In recent years, due to the popularity of LCD TV, TV cabinets appear less and less in high-end hotel rooms.

Fixed furniture

It refers to all wooden furniture in the hotel, except for movable furniture, which is closely connected with the building body.